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Here You’ll Find a Complete Set Of high quality Services to Your Projects and Business in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Power gate registered and actively working in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG). 

We are one of the leading companies in providing oil field services within the KRG and has proven itself to be an outstanding example in its’ field. Saman  are experts in contracting, assisting international oil companies (IOCs) in civil and earth works, camp management,  construction, providing qualified personnel and supplying reliable machinery in addition to the supply of provisions and all other sourcing issues.

We operates throughout the Kurdistan Region and has experience and resources to operate on rugged terrains as well as the capability and know-how to undertake tough assignments and meet clients’ deadlines. Pioneers in their field, Saman has implemented many projects in the region and it has successfully supplied many internationally recognized oil and gas companies with construction services in site preparation, access road construction and camp construction.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced to work along with international companies and adhere to HSE standards in the oil and gas sector.

Ppwer Gate is a local company that has the advantage of experience and locality that adds to its’ expertise in cultural customs and sensitivities when it
 comes to assisting clients with local issues and communal relationships