exchange and Currency transfare

In the beginning we were a small office for converting foreign currencies, called Schiller's office, this office was established in 1994, after a successful work, trust from our customers and developments in the region, we've become Brand Company.

Brand Exchange Global was established in 2014 and has grown to become one of the leading providers of wholesale, retail, travel and commercial foreign exchange services to businesses and individual private clients in the Iraq.

As a dedicated foreign exchange specialist, we have the professional expertise, in depth market knowledge to provide you with an unprecedented level of service that sets the standard in the foreign exchange industry.

Brand Exchange Global offers the security that large banks provide, but with an uncompromising quality of service and the best commercial exchange rates available. Whatever the currency, whether buying or selling, we doubt if you could find a more professional & friendly service or better exchange rate from any bank, broker or building society.


Brand Exchange Global is distinguished by its team of knowledgeable and professional dealers and cashiers, who are dedicated to providing customized solutions for our clients and meeting their needs in the cheapest, most efficient way possible. Over the years, we have carefully nurtured a reputation for honesty, reliability and quality of service, every single client is important to us and we take care to establish a mutually satisfactory relationship with each of them.