PowerGate delivers comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) services enabling our customers to adopt a disciplined approach to managing their assets through life.

Our integrated logistic support (ILS) solutions and supply chain consultancy services enable our customers to manage increasingly complex logistic support packages through life. We have highly experienced ILS professionals and supply chain managers that are developing and implementing support strategies focused on achieving more efficient and effective acquisition and through life support at minimum whole-life cost.

Our services include logistic support analysis, risk management, reliability centered maintenance, configuration management and obsolescence management. Saman has worked in partnership with the Kurdistan Government since 2002, providing integrated logistic support services that ensure operational flexibility and sustainability at minimum.


  • Transportation & Shipping of Equipment
  • Movement & Tracking of Employees and Contractors
  • Recruitment of Key Personnel and Existing Personnel
  • Hiring of Equipment, Materials & Machinery
  • Site Clearance Process for Company Personnel
  • Purchasing of Logistics Equipment
  • Alcohol Licensing (if applicable)
  • Approved Suppliers and Associated
  • Order Process
  • Administration and Required Approvals
  • Background & Security Checks
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Approval of Safety and Emergency Procedures